last updated 6/20/2022


name: aaron
pronouns: he/him and it/its (moar)
age: 18yo (8-18-2003)
current timezone: akdt
autistic, nonbinary, queer, polyam

im a bit 'bird brained' but try my best! im positive and outgoing most of the time and try to match the vibe of whoever i am talking with. i daydream & make lots of plans. i could be happy just thinking to myself and analyzing everything forever. i enjoy cute things and always try and am constantly trying to better myself. cute anime girls and comfy things give me that motivation. i want to be a comforting presence to others that makes you feel nice and cared for.

lifelong dream: to hug a cow
job: housekeeper
favorite color: orange
favorite food: chai tea
favorite animal: pigeon

intrests!real shit i have my special interests highlighted but i have been so busy & tired that they are basically defunct lmaotldr: anime, touhou, leftist political theory, occult, 4ch, rythum games, visual novels, edm music, mlp:fim, anything w cute anime girls in itfav anime: monogatari, glt, kaiji, welcome to the nhk, akebi-chan, lain, gto, spice and wolf, haruhi, iruma-kun, chobits, yuru camp, madoka, dokuro-chan, szs, clannad, love live, hidamari sketch, demon girl next door, yuyushikifav games: osu!mania, wacca, dancerush, subahibi, all pc touhou games

as you can clearly tell, i am normal girl ^^
please note that nadeko, sakura, and yuno are DAs and i dont want to be reality checked
im good w doubles for everybody tho

nadeko sengoku - bakemonogatari
sakura matou - fate
rena ryuugu - higurashi
yunocchi - hidamari sketch
osaka - azumanga daioh
lain iwakura - serial experiments lain
hanekawa tsubasa - monogatari
tachibana kimika - subahibi
takashima zakuro - subahibi
honoka kousaka - love live

chitose karasuma - gi(a)rlish number
minakami yuki - subahibi
kannon shibuya - love live
nayuta kani - imouto sae ireba ii
kaoruko moeta - comic girls
nozomi tojo - love live
momo chiyoda - machikado mazoku
sayu ogiwara - higehiro
haru nonaka - yesterday wo utatte