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“Be excellent to eachother, and party on, dudes” – Bill & Ted

Last updated: 02/25/2022

He/Him (queer)

Animist - Autistic - White - Transmasc & Nb - Gay & Polyam

Astrology: Link to my chart, otherwise I am Leo sun, Taurus Moon, and Sagittarius Rising64PT: IF*U(Iu Fo Uu) [ x ]Myre-Briggs: INFJ

Hi my name is Aaron and this is like a gathering of info about me on the internet! I am outgoing with friends and try to make you laugh but also spacey and tend to just hang out in the present. I love to make new friends & talk but am a bit shy at first, so don't hesitate to dm me or start conversation!

My big special intrests right now are: SubaHibi, Dancerush, Wacca, Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan, Permaculture, and Leftist Politics.

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Goatlings: applesauce
VNDB: aapplesauce
nhentai: applesaucee
Switch FC: SW-2030-4462-2356


Please do not interact if you are racist, bigoted, transphobic, homophobic, ableist, a gatekeeper, terf, truscum, or christian. I check others dni before following so if I followed first im clear on yours.

Please use tone indicators when using sarcasm or anything that could sound mean, it helps me better understand the flow of the conversation. Don't send 'cursed'/creepy images. I do hornypost or use nsfw jokes often and forget to tag. And lastly, please dont make de-realization jokes to me. On their own is fine and I dont need a tag, just not in conversation.


I remove stuff when i don't really care about it anymore, i just like a lot of media
Everything is in alphabetical order

4chan, animal care, birding, cob architecture, idols, ikemen, iyashikei, plushies, rhythm games, permaculture, psychedelic fashion


akebi-chan no sailor fuku, bokusatsu tenshi dokuro-chan, chobits, clannad, fate, girls last tour, idoly pride, kaiji, lain, love live, bakemonogatari, mm!, oddtaxi, promare, sayonara zetsubou sensei, welcome to demon school iruma-kun, welcome to the nhk, yuru camp

dancerush stardom, goatlings, osu!, rewrite, subahibi, taiko, touhou, wacca

vtubers: belmond banderas, himawari honma, tsunomaki watame, yukoku roberu
people: all gas no brakes, cgp grey, contrapoints, damien echols, exurb2a, fumostv, foolish fish, gigguk, hbomberguy, hiding in public, nakeyjakey, of herbs and altars, ordinary things, red bard, salari, second thought, sky life, super eyepatch wolf, the liberal cook, thought slime, tom nicholas, we're in hell, what i've learned, こりゃめでて


Comfort Characters

Currently Reading Book
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all about love by bell hooks


Just think of it as characters that I relate to a lot or paterens that I see myself in. High kins are 'me irl' territory but I still love meeting doubles! Don't take any of this too seriously. Here is a page of explanations I am working on if you are super curious about any one in paticular ^^

High Kin

Nadeko Sengoku - Monogatari Series
Ayumu Kasuga / Osaka - Azumanga Daioh
Tsubasa Hanekawa - Monogatari Series
Ryuugu Rena - Higurashi
Minakami Yuki - SubaHibi
Iwakura Lain - Serial Experiments Lain
Misaki Nakahara - Welcome To The NHK

Medium Kin

Koyomi Araragi - Monogatari Series
Takashima Zakuro - SubaHibi
Chitose Karasuma - Gi(a)rlish Number
Nozomi Toujou - Love Live!
Kazuya Hyoudou - Kaiji Series
Kaoruko Moeta - Comic Girls

Low Kin

Rina Tennoji - Love Live!
Sayu Ogiwara - Higehiro
Minakami Yuki - SubaHibi
Kanon Shibuya - Love Live!
Tsukasa Hiiragi - Lucky☆Star
Yu Ishigami - Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai
Nayuta Kani - Imouto sae Ireba Ii.
Yuni Shingyouji - Priconne

Super Low Kin
Not even pictured, ppl I used to kin and dont really remember them (i have memory issues :p). This section is ot in any order.

Shinji Ikari - Neon Genisis Evangelion
Haru Nonaka - Yesterday wo Utatte
Rice Shower - Uma Musume
Rika Kawai - Wonder Egg Priority
Michiru Inukai - Talentless Nana
Akane Shinjo - SSSS.Gridman
Minami Nanami - Jaku-Chara Tomozaki-kun
Yotsuba Nakano - 5-Toubun no Hanayome

Random Facts!

Timezone: Pacific (UTC/GMT -7 hours)I have a very pretty irl boyfriend we have been together for 5 years. I love him alot <3Favorite colors: burnt orange and british racing greenFavorite animals: snails, crows, and pigeonsPolitics: Communalist, but I agree with most far lib-left theory.

songs currently stuck in my head

Reasons for kinning in order of character

This is mostly to clear up 'problematic' kins and expand on the reasons that I heavily relate to specific characters. Please note this may include spoilers. Much easier if you CTRL+F and put in the character's name since its a bit hard to navigate.

Nadeko Sengoku - First of all I do not kin bakemonogatari nadeko / nadeko told through araragi's perspective. I kin s2 nadeko's arcs.
The reasons are mixture of constant masking, a need to be out of anyone's way, doing what's "expected" without considering my own feelings and opinions like reading from a script, apologizing frequently, feeling like others hate me and trying to stay detached, feeling like i am cringy / all of my interests are shameful, that the character I play into is better than a 'true self' that i cannot even find anymore, a desire for unrequited love based on it being 'safer' than putting myself out there, comphet, and of course good ol delusions / hallucinations.
"Sure, I am a cute brat, but that's not really my fault, is it? I hate myself too. But this is me - this is who I am - so what can I do? No matter what I may be like, this is still who I am, so what else can I do but like myself? So I have to love myself - who I hate so much. I need to become a god so I can love myself, no matter who I am." - Nadeko Sengoku
This video sums it up nicely too

Ayumu Kasuga / Osaka - Not as deep, I am just autistic and really enjoy a 'moe' autistic character that is loved by her friends and seen in a positive light. I tend to also be 'spacey' and space out frequently. Also not very athletic, hate spicy things, have weird associations / ideas, and a tendency to repeat sayings / words.

Tsubasa Hanekawa - Very similar reasons as Nadeko. Constant masking, playing off difficult emotions and bottling them up to preserve an image or to 'not cause trouble', having little to no empathy, doing things as scripted events based on what is expected of the image from others, tries to put the whole burden on myself and hates getting any form of help, re-framing trauma to try to romanticize it or make it ok without addressing the feelings of it, being constantly disconnected, and being ok with everything.
Another video that explains it better

Ryuugu Rena - Masking contentedness to not worry friends, using a caring + airheaded + aloof persona, being very protective of friends, always thinking of friends and tries to pick up on their clues, paranoia, putting extreme amounts of trust in others yet feeling like confiding in them would only hurt them or is a sign of weakness, and of course making weird noises whenever I see something cute.
Yet another video that explains them

Misaki Nakahara - seeking out those 'lower than yourself' to feel validated / savior complex, bad taste in men, distrust in god, abusive religious household, and masking.

Koyomi Araragi - Going from being a loner nerd who hates himself to having alot of friends, a partner, and being in a positive environment but still not being able to take off the shackles of depression. Questions if he 'deserves' the life that he has. Acting silly / goofy and making constant jokes whenever the conversation turns to yourself. Constantly ignoring the darker feelings and telling yourself it was in the past and no longer needs to be acknowledged. Being willing to go to extreme lengths to help those around me, not caring or thinking about any serious harm that will come to me as a result. Overthinks past situations and feels like none of his actions are good enough. Hypersexual, often makes sexual jokes. Thankfully I am working on trying to accept my Ougi but I'm still not too sure how, she always seems to come back.
Even more video analysis of my kins

Still working on this, check back later ^^

Comfort Characters!

Top characters that make me happy! Check caption for names, all are arranged in order of most comfort since last update! if you see anything featuring them pls send it my way!